SCTA Land Speed Trial 2012 Season Opener

So yesterday I made the arduous trek to El Mirage, CA for the Southern California Timing Association 2012 season opener. This was the first of a serious of events that enable people to test the limits of their custom racers at the El Mirage Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Area, which features a dry lake bed. The event was typically low-key and seemed well-organized like the same event we attended last year in El Mirage.

Attending these kinds of events lets you see a really different animal in terms of wheeled mayhem. It is not uncommon to show up and see speed records broken and for vehicles to surpass the 200mph barrier. I’ll be writing up a small piece about what you need to know to attend one of these events in case that’s helpful for some. Click the link below for some event photos, and further down for a link to our video on YouTube of the event. Enjoy!

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2012 SCTA Season Opener in El Mirage

2012 SCTA Season Opener in El Mirage

Image: Beauty in Metal

Video: Beauty in Metal

Link to the video on YouTube
Link to our channel on YouTube
Link to the SCTA website
Map of El Mirage, CA on Google Maps
Information about the El Mirage OHV Area
Link to our video from the same event in 2011

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